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Stavian has entered the paper industry since 2013 as a leading distributor of pulp and paper products for domestic and regional clients. We have established strategic partnership with numerous international industry - leading partners.

Stavian Group's goal is to become the No. 1 position in the pulp & paper industry in Vietnam by 2025.

Our product portfolio:

Pulp Hardwood Pulp, Softwood Pulp, Unbleached Kraft Pulp (UKP), Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP), Bamboo Pulp, Bagasse Pulp, etc.
Paper  Uncoated Woodfree Paper (UWP), Art Paper, Lightweight Coated Paper (LWC), Newsprints, Duplex Board, Ivory Board, Packaging Paper (Testliner/Medium/Kraftliner), Coreboard and Chipboard, etc.
Recycled Products Recycled Pulp, OCC

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