Vision and Mission

To become the leading industrial, multi-national Fortune Global 500 company.

We are committed to achieving sustainable development, creating thousands of work opportunities, ensuring high income and comprehensive care for employees, bringing benefits to customers and partners, maximizing value for shareholders and investors, contributing to the prosperous development of every countries that we operate in, and demonstrating social and environmental responsibilities. 

Stavian is a combination of "Star" and "Vietnam", portrays the pride of a Vietnam-based global corporation.The star represents the best of Vietnam's essence.

  • Letter S is at the center of the logo - this is the first letter of both the brand name and the symbol of the country's land
  • From both sides of the letter S, two drops of oil form a symetrical icon - exemplifying the foundation of the corporation: the chemical and petrochemical industry - and reflecting the story of inheritance, continuity and development of the brand.
  • Four sides of the icon implying the international outreach, a symbol of dynamic and sustainable development.
  • The letter font of brand name Stavian has wide, stable and sturdy industrial lines. Letter V right in the middle of the name Stavian opens in the right angle, being coaxial with the icon and performs as solid footing of the icon.

Our brands

Operating in various industries, Stavian's subsidiaries share the vision of sustainable development, prosperous growth and are industry-leading business entities.

Our milestones

  • Opec Plastics founded (later known as Stavian Chemical)
  • Plant No.1 construction and operation in Hung Yen
  • The very first international branch founded in Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Stavian Chemical became the No.1 polymer distributor in Vietnam
  • Singapore and Manila (Philippines) branches established
  • PACIFIC and Plant No.2 in Hai Duong founded
  • Inauguration of Plan No.2 in Hai Duong
  • Stavian Chemical became the No.1 polymer distributor in South East Asia
  • Houston (USA) and Shanghai (China) branches established
  • New Delhi (India) and Dubai (UAE)  branches established
  • Stavian Global (SGL) founded
  • Guangzhou (China) and Seoul (Korea) branches established
  • Stavian Distribution (SDC) founded
  • SV Investment Group Joint Stock Company (SVI Group - later known as Stavian VP) founded
  • Stavian Quang Yen Petrochemical founded
  • Stavian Industrial Metal founded
  • Stavian Chemical ranked No.22 and No.6 largest chemical distributor worldwide and APAC region respectively by ICIS
  • Established branches in Istanbul (Turkey), Bangkok (Thailand), Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Selangor (Malaysia)
  • Stavian Industrial Park founded
  • Pavia (Italy), Nairobi (Kenya), Mumbai (India) branches established 
  • Stavian MP founded
  • Stavian Packaging founded.
  • Stavian Energy Solutions founded.
  • Stavian Recycling founded.

Awards and Achievements

Ranked #17 of ICIS 's global chart of Top 100 Chemical Distributors

Stavian Chemical received a merit certificate for enterprises that made significant contributions to the socio-economic development of Hung Yen

Stavian Chemical received the merit certificate for contributing to the State budget in 2023 import and export activities through Hai Phong city

Stavian Chemical received certificate of merit from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI)

Stavian Chemical well-competed tax legislation policy in 2022

Stavian Chemical ranked #21 in VNR500

Stavian Chemical ranked #205 in Top 500 most profitable companies in Vietnam 2023

Stavian Chemical ranked #325 in Top 1,000 largest corporate income tax paying enterprises in Vietnam 2022

Stavian Chemical is named in the TOP 10 Innovative Enterprises in Rubber, Plastic, and Packaging 2023 Category

Stavian Chemical received Hung Yen Enterprise Integration and Development Certificate

TOP 3 Employer of Choice in 2022 by CareerBuilder Vietnam

Stavian Chemical ranked #23 in VNR500

Stavian Group topped the list of Vietnam Excellent Brand Awards 2022 in Processing - Manufacturing Category

Stavian Chemical won double titles at Asia Pacific Enterprise Award 2022

Stavian Group won "Best Places to Work in Asia 2022" Award

Ranked #22 of ICIS's Top 100 Chemical Distributors 2021

Ranked #29 in VNR500

Certified ISO 9001:2015 by GICG2015

Global presence

30 Global branch and expanding continuously

With more than 30 offices and 40++ warehouses globally, we help ensure an efficient supply chain for our customers and partners, anywhere in the world.